Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WFMW: repurposed items = organization

This themed edition of WFMW is all about organization.

When I hear the word organization I immediately perk up like a dog that smelled bacon in your pocked.

I know what to expect.

Folders and color coding and labels and new notepads and accordion folders!

This is the stuff that makes me hot.

But that's just when I think about the office.

In the closet my mind drifts off to dream of new hangers, sweaters all folded neatly according to specific and totally anal classifications, my shoes set in neat, straight rows...

I could go on like this for hours...organizing is one of those weird things that makes sickos like me endlessly happy.

When I walk into my favorite organization mecca, The Container Store, my pulse starts to eyes dart around looking at all of the gorgeous, shiny and new materials that I can put things in and on.

These are the items that fill my life with happiness. Family, friends and new containers to put things in. These are the things that round out my life.

My advice to anyone thinking about organization is to start with 1 small area and go from there. The feeling of accomplishment goes a LONG way, especially when you have a lot to sift through.

It isn't even necessary to purchase any materials to help you along the way. Use found items in your home. I religiously save shoe boxes, baby wipe containers and cardboard boxes for just these reasons. You can store damn near anything in them.
I am also especially lucky that Jeff wears a freaky size 14 shoe...this means extra large shoe boxes for me!
So you don't want to keep items in ugly brown boxes? Then cover them with wrapping paper, contact paper or whatever the hell you want. It will instantly transform your space by adding a pop of color and you wont be staring at a box of size 14 men's dress shoes each day.

But everyone has different organizational needs and goals so make each space your own using your creativity.

You aren't creative at all? Then head right over HERE to find some great ideas on the cheap.

Read the other organization tips HERE.

Did I just smell bacon?

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{ L } said...

I get all those excited, energetic, and giddy feelings too with organizing stuff! :)