Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WFMW: recipe organization

Up until a year ago I would keep all of my "I totally want to try this recipe..in the future" recipes in a huge pile.

A pile that never moved or shifted unless the dust bunnies made it left side heavy and then the whole pile would come crashing down coating the mud room floor in a carpet of unused recipes.

One of my 2009 new years resolutions was to try 1 new recipe per month.
I have stuck to this and have seriously weeded through this huge pile and made it much more manageable.

First things first...I had to organize that assy pile of cookie, cake, side dish and main course recipes that I hadn't looked at since I printed them.

I do have two recipe binders that I purchased at Hallmark that I have all of my 'must keep' recipes stored for future reference.

But wanting to keep it all super organized I bought a large accordion folder on clearance for only $.94 when a local KMart went belly up after the shopping season ended.

I made 5 simple titles for the sections of recipes I wanted to try out before adding them to the binder...

Other Desserts/Sweets
Main Courses
Side Dishes
Other foods

And now when I print off a recipe I want to try in the future I file it right away so I dont have to search then all to find that smores cookie recipe, I only have to search in cookies.

This is what works for me find out what works for others HERE!

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