Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 101st!

October 5...basically means nothing to you. It just reminds you that there are only 81 shopping days left before Santa shimmeys down your chimney.

October 5 is such a huge day in my family.
It is my Great Grandpa's 101st birthday today.


101 years old.

He still walks, talks in complete sentences, knows everyones name and where they work and their best friends hair color, remembers EVERYTHING, he understands politics better than I do and he is one bad ass mother fucker.

Albert Dwight Featheringill (he's called Dwight, he didnt care for the name Albert)
is a 5'4'' man with a stocky build.
He has always had a loving word for his family and used to grow the prettiest and most bountiful roses I have ever seen.

Last night we went to Smokey Bones for a 101st birthday dinner treat. I know he just wanted to go out to eat and I don't particularly know how we ended up there.
He wanted oysters. Yeah, they don't really specialize in the he got breaded shrimp.
One thing was for certain.
He was entitled to a drink.

A hard drink.

He had ordered an old fashioned before the waitress had even finished asking him what he wanted to drink.

I have played the role of horrible great granddaughter for the past few years...I stopped getting him cards and just doubled up on the hugs and kisses.
Which in great grandpa terms is probably just fine.
He can't really read the cards anyways.

My mom always gets him shirts or sweaters. And I guess she thinks my grandpa has to be all GQ in the assisted living place.
She bought him two Ralph Lauren Polo shirts. Yeah, and one has a HUGE motherfucking polo dude on it. She starts to explain to him what polo is. I quickly interrupted, mom...grandpa was alive when polo was invented. No explanation needed.

Either way.
Happy Birthday to my Great Grandpa!

He seriously thinks he will be around until 2020. Seriously.
He is the shit.


Kelly said... are such a thought granddaughter! =0) Happy Birthday to him! =0)

Ashley said...

That's so amazing!!!! I love that he wanted oysters and you went to Smokey Bones. LMAO!