Wednesday, October 21, 2009

look at the H1N1 on that one...he must work out

The youngest of the household received his flu shot today and it sounds so damn adult of me to say that I am jealous that he got his already. 3 more to least he is safe for now.

I have never gotten a flu shot I have totally been one of those people who feels that the flu will skip over them and attack all of my enemies (what did you think voodoo dolls were for?).

But I get sick every damn year. Very pukey and gross flu sick.

So this year I am going to be proactive and get the H1N1 nasal spray vaccine when it is offered for free tomorrow at work.
I have a friend who has 2 little boys at home with the hiney flu and I think this is the one instance that I do NOT want to be like her.

Yes, I think the lines will be long.
Yes, I really don't understand how a nasal spray vaccine works.
Yes, I am really getting into the show Flash Forward.
Yes, I am willing to kick unworthy college kids out of my way so I don't come down with pig puke disease. Those meningitis sponges aren't going to get me with this.
And seriously, these damn kids are like everywhere.
Sure, its a college campus and all, but can I not get 5 minutes of non-students being loud and annoying time during my work day? I don't even work with students in my job.

Think Ill take some pepper spray with me for safety sake.
And a burrito.

Update - I did NOT get the hiney nose misty shot like thing...people with asthma arent supposed to react well to it...back to the drawing board.


Amy said...

Brian had to get his bordatella vaccine through the nasal spray the last time... and if my very skittish pug can do it without his eye popping out, I'm sure you'll be fine!! Good luck!

Ashley said...

I was going to say that I heard that the nasal spray has some of the live virus in it and so may actually get the swine flu from it (of course everyone reacts differently). But there is supposed to be another shot coming out that does not have the live virus in it. This is all info I got from a friend who is a first responder. I'm hoping her information is correct.