Tuesday, October 13, 2009

best HC ever and the new me is far too busy to put the proper time into catching up on my tv viewage, so I watch at work

Homecoming weekend here at the U has come and gone...almost as if it never happened.

The only remnants that it even happened are the Homecoming banners that are still strewn around campus, the big L that went on the football teams record and my office continues to be littered with midnight blue and gold paraphernalia.

The weekend went off without a hitch. Everything was darn near perfect.

The Homecoming Gala I planned was amazing. People raved about the decorations and even paid to take them home with them. The boss's boss told us yesterday that this was the best Homecoming he has been to. Total kudos to me.
It felt damn good...not like I am a glory hog or anything but sincere compliments are hard to come by in this neck of the working world.

And I could totally be a glory hog.

If they ate pizza.
And diet coke.
On the couch at home.

The new work me has to be ready to fill in for the boss and be completely on top of things most of the time. The old me likes to read blogs and print coupons during the day.
I am trying to find a balance of the two that makes the boss think I am still doing a great job.
The new me has to fill in for the boss at a meeting of his tonight...and this cuts into my couch time.
My couch time is my ME time.

While I spent the weekend working I noticed that I am frightfully behind in my tv watchin'. I need a good weekend of drunken excitement, naps, DVR watching and laziness.
I am imposing a 'no family' rule this weekend. No dinners or lunches or trips to go anywhere with the extended family.
Only couch, beer, food and scrumping.

On another note I went for a 1 mile jog a few weeks ago and it gave me shin splints for 5 days after...I think I am still trying to psych myself back up to do it again. Unfortunately this doesnt fit into my lazy weekend plans and does go along with my idea to create a skittles, m & m's and marshmallow creme casserole for brunch on Sunday.
Either way Ill get my fill of the necessities.

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lynzabell said...

You are a ROCKSTAR!!! Congrats on the job well done!!

CHEERS to the wkend!!
miss you sugar!!