Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ocober 14 - national Dessert Day...think Ill celebrate with a new shirt

It's no surprise that I like to shop.

Groceries, gifts, socks, deodorant, cars....I like to shop for it all.

Doesn't matter if it is in a mall, a drug store, thrift shop or online.

Shopping is shopping.

It also isn't a secret that if I want something I just go out and buy it.
Screw waiting until its my birthday or Christmas...buying it for yourself ensures that you have it (and have the correct size and color)
When I am out shopping and I see something affordable and in my size I'm all like "Happy Tuesday! Here's a new pair of pants!"

Tuesdays or (insert other day of the week or other ludicrous reason to purchase anything) are always something to celebrate.

And some people utterly suck at buying gifts.
Even when you supply then with a brand name, color and size of exactly what you want and exactly where to get it.
And some people always like to buy you 'things' when what you really want is to have a gift card so you can go out and shop for what you want.

Either way I like to shop. This is what makes me so hard to buy for I am told.
Whatever. That's your problem.

One of the ways that I am able to afford my shopping is by couponing and searching for sales. I rarely purchase anything at full price. I do pay full price when an item is truly necessary or when I am in a pinch.
Even at the Coach store I do not pay full price.
Yes, I openly admit it. I am a Coach bag-aholic.
I love them.
But that is an entirely different subject.

And one of my favorite things to do is to pre-buy gifts with said sales.
I already have all of my office Christmas gifts purchased and all for only $2 each. But it all retails for $19.
Instead of spending $133 I spent $14.
So I saved $119 by looking out for the best deals.

So, yes I randomly purchase items for myself and for my family...but it is done by seeking the best deal or saving the purchases for gifts later on.

Which I am hideous at...the waiting part...Once I have a gift for someone (and it rocks!) then I have a hard time trying to waiting a month to give it to them.

Its the thought that counts, not when the gift is given, right?

I have to get going...there is a sale on shampoo at Kroger I don't want to miss.

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