Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm a slave...for the work website

Fabulous Friday.

First thing I see in my work email is a voicemail from the boss.
When is that ever a good sign?
Thoughts race through my head...shit, what did I fuck up yesterday? Maybe he's giving us the day off...okay not likely...shit what the fuck is it?

Turns out there are issues with the webpage.

Many issues.

Issues that he told me to clear my entire day for.

I am dealing with said issues.

So there isnt any much time to dilly dally part of my day away.

While I slave away to create the perfect alumni webpage for the U you can catch up on my amazing thoughts on playing candyland, drinking without having your kids judge you, watching tv and being a 'model' parent during Aiming Low's 3 Day Weekend HERE.

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