Wednesday, October 28, 2009

was Cinderella telling the truth?

People believe in some of the most random shit I have ever heard of.

Seriously, everyone...Miss Cleo wasnt real.
The random bologna sold on infomercials is more comical than helpful.

But most people do believe in a few old know the Golden Rule and the 10 Commandments and other mythical stuff (kidding! I am a lapsed Lutheran who knows her Bible speak)

I am a sap who believes in the following "a dream is a wish your heart makes"
Sound familiar?
It is from Disney's Cinderella.
I am a Disney whore. Can't get enough of the shit.
Disney is crack to my movie loving self.
And it is absolutely the stupidest piece of crap I have ever heard...but I am a sucker for it.
I love it.

Is it serious though?
So if I have a dream to be rich - that is an obvious wish your heart would make.
To fall in love - also a given
But what about those random and risque dreams you have? Do you really want those to come true? Okay, probably...

Yeah, this is totally confusing when you think too much about it.

Because I had a doozy of a dream last night and I dont know what to think of it.
Good things I hope.


Ashley said...

For a true evaluation of the situation, I think we will need more information: such as the specifics of the dream! LOL

lynzabell said...

DISH on the dream doll face......I have "ideas" but I want you to tell us ;)
miss you sweets!!