Friday, August 28, 2009

this gift bites

Most people have a vision of the post office that includes smelly, half dressed people waiting in line to ship 4 bottles of bathtub moonshine to Uncle Zeek while the people behind the counter typically have as much enthusiasm to carry them through their day as I give a shit to hear about how someones cousin had a tooth fall out from eatin' some bad jerkey.
Not to mention that most USPS stations havnt been updated in any way since 1974. Not that they need to drop money into making it nicer than the Hilton but at least as nice as a HoJo would be great.

But somehow something as simple as a package or a small letter mailed from these typically seedy establishments can bring such joy to another.
And sometimes anthrax it seems.

I am not talking about bills or junk mail.
I am talking about cards from friends and family. Sex toys you ordered off of the internet. Coupons for free items at the grocery store. And birthday gifts to celebrate your life.

I have a group of friends who live on the corner of 3th and 5rd. We like to send gifts and goodies to each other.

I received this beauty just last night...

she made me a custom gift tag with a fork tied to it.
The fork reads...I heart Forks. Hehe...
Clever bhc, clever.

The magic inside was so much to keep inside that I screamed.
Loud enough that Carah came downstairs to see what hapened.

Here is said magic in all of its glory.
If you are not a Twilight fan of any sorts then this is all totally lost on you.
If you are a fan then you'll understand how awesome my friend bhc is to make me such an amazing gift.

The covers of the 4 books were adorning the white boxes...filled with m&m's.
And she even stuffed coconut m&m's in there. My new favorite.

She obviously loves me.

And a beautiful new label to a Jones Soda.

An apple. How fitting...
And a custom mix CD from all of Stephenie's favorite songs she listened to while writing the series.

Last but not least...bandaids.
To protect my precious, precious blood.

Thank you sofuckingmuch for my gift. I love it!


Michelle said...

Glad you liked it Sparky!!! I was so excited when I drew your name because I immediately knew what I was going to do!! Love ya!

Emily said...

M, you're awesome. It turned out great!

Ashley said...

OMG - that is an awesome gift! How fun!! I love getting snail mail, but in this day and age it happens very rarely. And I'm just as to blame - I always forget to send it!!! But I'll try to do better!