Thursday, August 6, 2009

her first trip to her new favorite place

Last Sunday we took Carah to Cedar Point.

We promised Carah that when we thought she was ready mentally we would take her and have the most exciting day ever.

Why did I say mentally?

Because Carah is tall.
Her parents are freaks of nature.
They are giants.
They are both over 6 feet tall. Jeff is 6'6".
Shit, right?

So she has been ready according to her height for quite some time.
She is not even 6 years old and she is nearly the same height as me.
I am only 5'1''.

I am afraid of what happens to that child during puberty.
My new idea is to ship her away for a few years because the cost of new clothes and shoes that fit is going to bankrupt us I think.

Back on track...Cedar Point.

We took her for her first trip on Sunday. She freakin loved it...

she read in the car on the way there

she loved her first ride.
She drove me around in this yellow Jeep-ish creature.

We rode on a kiddie size lazy river

We had a lunch at Johnny Rockets that blew our food budget out of the water.
But they did give us a smiley face.

That totally makes up for it.

And what did she get to eat?
Peanut Butter and Jelly.
For over $6.

When she got bored in line she made up her own games.

She drove me and daddy around in a car.
And she is totally ducking under the low bridge.
I think she's going to clear it...

We found her favorite ride - The Matterhorn

We rode Lucy's Hot Air Balloon ride.
It spins.
A lot.
Like I got so dizzy I was happy we didn't have to stand up right away.
Because I would have fallen over.

Her second favorite ride
The Frog Hopper

We took a kiddie swing ride

We rode the Jr. Gemini.
Shortest. Roller. Coaster.

Carah enjoyed her afternoon snack - a chocolate chip
cookie ice cream sandwich as big as her head.

After the water rides she and dad pose for a shot to show me how wet they got.
(we brought dry clothes in the car to change into for the hour ride home - I totally planned ahead on that one)

We took cheesy Cedar Point pictures

Carah hung out with Chuck

Jeff, Lucy and Carah caught some time on a bench to rest.

Sally, Linus, Jeff and Carah waited for the Great Pumpkin to appear.
And once we remembered it was only August 2nd, we told them we'd be back.

Then on the way out of the park
(we did the water rides last so we were not wet all day)
she caught sight of these fountains and just HAD to play...

It was a beautiful day. And there were hardly any lines on the kiddie rides.
And Carah was a saint all freakin day. No whining. No complaining. No pouting...Well, Jeff and I also put the fear of God into her that if she did any of them we would just leave and not take her back until next year.

It totally worked.

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