Thursday, August 13, 2009

inflatable corn? check.

Last Friday night we ventured out to my favorite Toledo festival...The Northwest Ohio Rib-Off.
Normally when you go you wait in 30 minute lines to claim your ribs and eat while standing because the place is jamfuckingpacked with people who you don't want to touch you b/c you already took one shower this week and you really don't want to take another. But the fear of scabies is strong so showering would be a necessity. But this must have been a gift from the Gods because there were NO lines whatsoever (it might have also been the hovering rain clouds).
I loved it.

We ate pulled pork, ribs, fried vegetables, slaw and we had beer...glorious beer. I saw people from high school who I didn't say hello to because I was scared (sorry Natalie!).
We people watched and saw some really interesting characters.

We did NOT have the chance to have some Farm Fresh Roasted Corn but the blow up corn man was just about my favorite thing there this year. He made my trip blog-worthy.

I did receive a free bottle of the best sauce ever...Pigfoot. Why did I get it free? No Fucking Clue!
Jeff and I were paying for our pork products and then someone I assume to be the owner came over and handed me this bottle and told me to enjoy.
He was wearing an angels of darkness t shirt with the sleeves cut off and swastika tattoos.
I took the free BBQ sauce gladly and squirreled it away in my purse.
I was sketchy at first thinking it was tainted with LSD or some sort of date rape drug...but then I noticed it was sealed. So I doubted the LSD.
Bummer, right?

When the heavens did finally open up and start raining we headed out to our favorite hole in the wall and enjoyed the standard popcorn and beer. Then everyone looked at me funny because I took a picture of the beer and popcorn and I decided I would call it a night with the camera.

And after being forced to take my second shower for the week it makes up for it that the Rib-Off is always a good meal in the making.
What kids of festivals/fairs does your city have?

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Ashley said...

Looks like a good time! Jeremy and I always enjoy going places with "fair" food. Corndogs - mmmm!

We went to a rib show thing in Tampa many moons ago and got to hear Cyndi Loper perform. Very fun and interesting characters!