Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ah, the art of incest

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time and before bed is read.
I have always been one of those nerdy kids who liked to read.

I was totally into the V.C. Andrews books when I was younger.
Most of them are series of 5ish books telling the torrid tale of a rich family gone wrong.
With incest.
And slapping.
And more incest.

What 12 year old girl doesnt want to read a soft soft soft core porn tale of a brother sleeping with his long lost sister...only to father her child (who of course is born without any abnormality of any kind) and then run away and live a perfectly happy tale of enchantment with no money to speak of?

A few years ago a friend turned me onto the site Goodreads. This site has become such a staple whenever I find a new book I want to read. This site list practically every book ever written and you can add them to different categories...such as 'read', 'to-read' and 'currently reading'. You can even create your own categories to store books in.
I have all the books listed under 'to-read' instead of trying to remember what the hell I wanted to read next whenever I go to the book store. I used to try and save that tiny freakin post it note that I scribbled down the title of my next book purchase.
Only to lose it.

Now, before I shop I pull a few ideas from this list and I am on my way...spending less headache induced hours at the book store trying to decide between 3 different books. I am hideous at deciding on books. Its the slight OCD side of me that wont let me just pick 1 book. I have to have them all.
But since I am not made of money this doesnt happen I used to literally spend hours there trying to pick a book.
When there wasnt even a wrong choice.

This has cut down on my insanity quite a bit!
I live by goodreads and it is invaluable to any reader!

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Ashley said...

I used to LOVE VC Andrews!!! I read her books all the time! LOL And I'm exactly like you on not being able to buy just one book! I always find a couple and then want them all. It's an addiction. I have so many books at home right now that I haven't read just because I HAD to buy them! LOL

I know I don't keep up with Goodreads very well at all, but I do enjoy knowing that I have a list of books I want to read so I can review the list before buying. It really does help!