Wednesday, August 5, 2009

she is going to be so pissed at me

I am totally trying to eating better and becoming a better person.

I....I just have momentary setbacks.

Like just today when I was out running errands for work and stopped
at Walgreen's and bought two bags of Dove chocolate, 2 boxes of Nips
and two packs of gum...then I got up to the register and saw that they
had coconut m&m's.
So I HAD to get them.

They are after all a limited edition flavor.
I didn't want to be the ONLY person who didn't try them.
And I got a $1 register reward for the it wasn't a
total loss, right?

BUT I haven't even eaten any of it yet.
I am going to be GOOD.

I am even shredding tonight....But there is something about Jillian.

She is just like a great white shark.

Or a dog.

Or a dog shark.

She can smell fear from a mile away.
And nachos.

So she already knows what I did. And I will severely pay for it.

UPDATE - totally caved and ate the ENTIRE bag of coconut m&m's...and two pieces of Dove chocolate.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

LOL you are so right about Jillian. But don't fear, you'll work off the chocolate in one sitting.

Coconut M&Ms?!? Never heard of that. How did they taste????