Friday, August 21, 2009

Cheetos is a food group in my house

When you have children in your life you learn a lot of information very quickly.

-That you'll never sleep again
-How to change a diaper without being covered by the goods that your babies ugly bits produce
-How often your baby spits up
-How much spit up covered laundry you do each day
-The weekends are no longer yours. Unless you have a sitter.

But the most important of that information includes...

-How much wine or beer you need to get through that last hour of Candy land
-The absolute earliest you can put your child to bed so you get some peace and quiet (or more time to drink without them judging you) without them waking up at 5am wanting to play
-How many days you can go without washing the dishes or laundry without your house smelling
-How to explain to them that No, they cannot watch TV...but you can anytime you want.
-How to explain that Yes, adults can have snacks whenever they want. You = cannot.
-How to do the least amount of work possible and still having your children think you are the do-it-all mom type parent they think you are
-That load of laundry will not fold itself, but it can sit there for three more days while you catch up on Gossip Girl and 90210 after work
-Peanut Butter & Jelly totally works for dinner. With Cheetos.
-How to work in that small amount of me time into your day while still 'paying attention' to the kids

Of course there are many more to round this list out.

But I am a fan of doing the least amount of work possible and reaping the rewards that come with doing 'everything right' in the eyes of the children.

The quality time with my children that we all love most is me sitting on the couch while they color and I watch a movie on HBO. Quality time is very important for the nurtured upbringing of happy kids.


Ashley said...

LOL These are great! When I have kids I need you to teach me about how much beer/wine I'll need to get through Candyland. Oh wait! I LOVE board cames . . . Well, then I definitely will want advice on how early I can put them to bed without them waking up at 5am!

schwartz said...

I, too, like board games...but when you are playing for the 5th time in a row you need some liquid courage to proceed.