Wednesday, July 29, 2009

feeling shredded

Last night I jumped on the bandwagon.

Not the AA bandwagon - trying to drink my weight in Landshark after the Rib Off is the only thing keeping me going at this point.

The 30 Day Shred bandwagon.

I am totally a year behind the rest of the shredders who of course drive this wagon.
So for the most part the fad of this workout DVD has passed. Which is generally when I feel disgusting enough to join in.

Looking at the cover of the DVD is enough to scare me off. It in fact did for a week.

I was convinced her eyes were following me and not-so-secretly judging me for eating that snickers ice cream bar.

So I turned the DVD over. And her snarly smile angered me to the point of wanting to workout.
(yes, thats a lie! No one wants to work out!)
Last night I decided to confront her head on - gladiator style.

She totally won of course.


I blame it on the 2 previous years where I didn't so much as jog 3 steps if I didn't have to...where lifting included groceries and putting Brady into the crib at night...cardio became a 4 letter word and where I would enjoy a bowl full of mini-marshmallows each night as a pre-snack snack.

So...she kicked my ass.

And I will welcome her to do it every night this month.

Unlike last night I will not start each workout after a large bowl of Butter Pecan. So that just may help.

This is my getting in shape in order to get in shape month. After I am more confident in the little things I am doing in Shred I am conquer larger running...without dying on the side of the road.

So cross your fingers for me and wish me well.
I will be posting shred info each day...and if I am feeling gutsy Ill take some before/after photos. I think by gutsy I mean drunk.

Either way I know I can do this and I know that I can take these 10 pounds off without problems.

The only problem may be that sales are down for mini-marshmallows.

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Ashley said...

Let me know how the shred works. I use a lot of her other videos (all either on demand or via Netflix) but have not done this one. I may buy it just to have because she really is kick-ass (and by that I mean she kicks MY ass).