Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shredded - Day 2

Jillian is a bitch.

A dirty dirty bitch.

My legs hurt so much today that I am not going to attempt to go down the two flights of stairs at work. I know for a fact that it would either take me 10 minutes or that I would fall and break my arm.
I will be riding in the elevator.
I am in that much pain.

It is a good pain because I know I am building muscle and losing weight.

But Jullian is still a bitch.

But since you dont get the body you want for free (Damnit! She's got me using her catchy weight loss phrases now. Bitch) ...I keep spending night after night with that bitch.

I will be giving my legs a much needed break tonight...and on the plus side I have already lost 3 pounds since last Tuesday. Most of that was from eating healthier so I am on the right track!


Stacey said...

Pain is good, I actually LOVE the feeling of being sore after workouts, I know I did my body good when I'm sore : ) Good for you on the 3pds!!

Ashley said...

Yah, Jillian is a bitch!!! She totally kicks my ass! I definitely can't do her workouts on consecutive days!