Monday, July 13, 2009

a waste of perfectly good snack crackers

It has been two week since we returned from Naples and I am really missing the relaxing atmosphere of the resort, the two swimming pools, the fact that I didnt have to work at all, the potential for seeing manatees in the waterways below.....but most of all I miss the maid service!

OOoops! I dropped a handful of Cheez-Its on the floor and there are crumbs everywhere!

Oh fucking well.

Well, I wasnt totally mean, I did pick up the larger crumbs.

And when Jeff shook out his bathing suit to find a million and a half tiny shells and sea creatures had taken up residence in them...he cleaned some of it up too.

We are completely nice when we travel.

We even made friends with our waitress, Eileen, when we ate at The Mangrove Cafe in Naples. They had the absolute best deal ever....any two entrees from their dinner menu PLUS 1 bottle of wine - all for only $25. And it was the best fucking meal we had when we were down there.
Here, Eileen has taken a lovely picture of us after we had stuffed ourselves on pork tenderloin and veal.

And since we've been home it is right back to business as usual.

Brady lazily spent one afternoon on his Pooh couch reading book after book after book.

If you notice he is reading this one upside down so we arent too sure how much he absorbed. But hey, he's trying. And he's not even two. So we cut him slack. Lots of slack.

And we are back to spending hours upon hours on the swingset. The perfectly free swingset. My moms neighbor gave it to us. Seriously just gave it to us...and it is in wonderful condition too! Totally the best deal we have gotten for house equipment!
And our lot is large enough that the kids have tons of room to run around.

Here the monsters adorable children are - posing for a picture - its what they do best.

But other than the normalities of life...things are either bat shit busy or paint drying boring.
Happy Monday~

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