Friday, July 31, 2009

my token BlogHer jealousy post

I am just going to put it all out there.

Like a 16 year old girl in a motel room on prom night.

I am green with jealousy over everyones amazing BlogHer posts.

The pictures look amazing. The swag seems divine. Fun was had by all it.

This is a club I must get into. Yeah, I know its not a club. But I want in.

Like when my brother and his friends would make a 'boys only' club out in the little (girl) cottage playhouse (mine) we used to have in our backyard and of course I wanted in - who knew what I was missing out on!
So I would get in there and find out that they were only picking their noses and peeing in the corner of the cottage while the shutters were closed.
Okay, I am assuming that the BlogHer conference in Chicago was nothing like this...because it has to be better than it seemed. Nothing like my brothers 'boys only' club.

Because this 'girls only' club isn't girls only at all. It is full of super (mostly) intelligent bloggers who I envy, laugh at, pity and am generally delighted in everyday.

I just have to try and weasel my way into someones suitcase next year....

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Ashley said...

Wait, what is this BlogHer conference? I've never heard of BlogHer....