Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1 in effect

July 1.

Jeff's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!

First day back at work after vacation.
I am sure that to most people this would mean returning phone calls and answering emails.
Nah, not to me.
It means that I have time to print coupons from my work printer so I dont have to buy new ink at home.

The vacation was highly memorable and the weather was 101 when we arrived...cooling off to the high 90's so as to not kill us.
We spent time at the beach and got nasty red seaweed in places that the sun dont shine. (there really is nothing quite as fun as showering with your significant other and picking red seaweed out of and off of their body)
We sunned ourselves next to the waterfall and on the lazy river at the resort and we took in some local sightseeing.

The actual trip part of the trip was too short. The drive was too long. But it was a good time and the food was killer for the most part.

Back to real life...

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Ashley said...

Yippee! You're back! I want a full report on your trip!