Thursday, July 9, 2009

my stockpile goal

I think I have an up and coming future in the voice over industry.

I am the voice to the new 800 number Jeff set up to further market his listings.
In my head I totally sound like Cindy Crawford. In reality I sound like someone is choking a cat while promoting beautiful decks and spacious living rooms.

But Jeff doesn't mind and he has had numerous (2) complaints compliments on whoever does his voice work.

I am not quitting my day job as of yet. Unless we win the lotto. I did win $5 last month...which is totally going into the vending machine at work today.

Speaking of money we are doing a fabulous job stockpiling food for next to nothing.
I have a different price point for each food and luckily I can remember them all as I hop from store to store for the deals.
I don't pay more than $.25 for a tube of toothpaste, $.25 for shampoo, $.50 for get the idea. How can I get that price? The grocery stores I visit double most coupons giving me amazing savings - pair that with a killer sale and you have super mega cheap food.

As of now we have a supply of over 50 single serving instant mac and cheese cups, 8 bottles of shampoo for Jeff, 8 tubes of toothpaste, more Kraft salad dressing than I can count - same with BBQ sauce and A1...we are beyond stocked in so many areas that I cannot even list them all here.

Why would I want to keep so much food and toiletries around?
Well, for save money. I got all of these items for free or next to free.
I have the space available in the mud room to store them until we need them...I have also been generous and given some away to Jeff's mom, my mom and even my brother.

Since I receive these items for free or next to nothing I am able to pick up a couple at a time - lessening the amount of time I have to get them in the future while picking it up at a fabulous price. I still pay full price for most dairy and the necessities like meat.
But I try and buy smart on those items as well.
Couponing isn't a fad, it isn't for the poor or is for anyone willing to maximize their shopping dollar and create a food stockpile that will sustain them through rough times.

Now Jeff and I are not hoping for unemployment or the housing market to turn even more. Nor are we stockpiling to prepare for a nuclear war or bird flu. We believe in couponing and stockpiling to provide for our family in the most cost effective way possible. This has lessened our grocery spending drastically over the past three months and I am thrilled.
We used to spend anywhere from $100 - $150 each WEEK on groceries and necessities for our family of 4. That is $600 a month on food! What a waste!
Now we probably spend about half of that or less during a busy month. Our must buy list each week has gone down..I don't have to write toothpaste, shampoo, pasta, pasta sauce...on our list anymore. And I am looking forward to hooking up the side by side fridge in the garage to be able to stockpile even further!

Funny enough - I say 'we' this post we means I and I alone. He fully supports me in my nutty couponing so I guess we is an us. He doesn't even make fun of my coupon binder anymore.
Either way, I do the work and he reaps the rewards - lucky duck!

Here is what I would envision for my stockpiling future...a basement or large laundry room where I can set up in the following manner:

Nope, I am not nuts...I just don't see the need in paying full price when I can 'shop' from the stockpile I purchased for free!

How do you stockpile now?
Any items you cannot get enough of?

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Ashley said...

Ok, a few things.
(a) If there is a nuclear war, I am heading to your place! At lesat there will be plenty of food!
(b) If you're giving out freebies, you want to mail a few my way? ;-)

I love how much money you are saving! In fact, I'm totally jealous!! But none of the stores around here do any of this double couponing. :-( But if I could get stuff for free or really cheap I totally would have a stockpile. I have been taking advantage of the buy 1, get 1 free deals at Publix when I go. I know, it's not much, but at least one thing is free. I could really use some of these savings!

Ok, what do I stockpile now? Hmmm, not much, but I guess I'd say pasta, diced tomatoes, spaghetti sauce. Like I said, not much. I do love me some cereal though!!