Tuesday, July 28, 2009

maki rolls are taking over my thoughts

My recent accident has been getting better every day and my holyfuckI'mtoobusytoothinkstraight weekend at work is over with so life is settling down for the time being.

Brady decided on his '2nd Birthday Theme'....Cars. So I bought a basket full of Cars shit that will inevitably break within moments of taking it all out of the packaging. Either way I am ahead of the game on this one - his party isn't until the last Sunday in August so this seriously cuts down on the last minute stress involved.

This weekend Jeff and I have decided to take Carah to Cedar Point for her first ever visit. Her eyes bugged out of her head when she heard we were taking her...she didn't know about all of the great children's activities and thought we were going to make her go on the HUGE roller coasters.


We'll save that for the second visit.

Once again I am attempting to eat better.
Surprise, surprise.
Don't most women to on diets all the time?
I think I am going to call this my un-diet. I am not going to eat typical dietish food, I am going to eat what I want...but just try and cut down my portions.
I am not trying to loose the weight of an additional person...only the weight of a toy dog.
Maybe two toy dogs.
Three if they are the ridiculously small ones.

So I have purchased items that will make it easier for me to be smart and healthy.

I am going to start the 30-Day Shred.
I purchased lots of fruits and veggies.
And single serve portions of cheese to eat with said fruit.
Without putting up the whole shopping list...because snickers ice cream bars and m&m's ice cream sandwiches probably don't go along with the un-diet, just know that I am making a conscious effort.

I hate it when even my really lose comfy pants start pinching at the waist. The un-diet and the 30-day shred better start working soon.

While I sit and talk about food I am craving sushi, want to dig into my lunch even though its too early and there are two Reese's peanut butter cups sitting on my desk just begging to be eaten.

And I have decided that I will eat them. After my healthy lunch.
Ah....the un-diet is in full swing.

Happy Tuesday - I am going to look online for sushi...

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