Thursday, July 23, 2009

rare form or proof I have a brain

My semi-clumsiness appears to be getting worse with age.

Last October I was fortunate enough to save numerous orphans from a fire...but injured my foot in the meantime and had to deal with this.

5 weeks in the boot was so much fucking fun I can hardly stand to think about it now without peeing myself a little.

I had managed to go over 7 months without some sort of injury without counting my tonsillectomy.
Then last Sunday night Brady took care of that one for me. Brady is a month away from being 2 years old.

2 year olds have heads of steel and stone.
Its a fact. Look it up.

Don't be fooled by this adorable little man...he is like a savage beast when confronted...

Sure, that's a flat out lie, he is truly all smiles and rainbows and loves giving kisses to puppies and cats.

Fine, so I was in the process of putting him to bed on Sunday when tragedy struck. I was holding him and he leaned his head waaaaaayy off to his side and I asked for a hug/kiss goodnight then..........WHAP!
He freakin head butted me! Not on purpose. No.
Well? No. Two year olds don't hold grudges, right? Because I did eat that cookie I promised to him last week. Think he remembers that?

With the top of his steel and stones head he hit me near my ear...long story short I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a concussion...then had to get a CT just to make sure that he didn't seriously injure me. (He didn't)

I am just fine.
Except for the ear pain.
And the dizziness.
And the nausea.
And the fact that sitting upright or standing is constant work.

But other than that I am feeling just fine.

So my clumsiness streak was defeated - not by me this time but by this adorable monsters head. Looks so unassuming doesn't he?

Little did I know the dangerous position I put myself in just sitting next to him on the Pooh couch for this picture. I will be thinking twice before doing this again. Or be on FULL alert of where he swings his rocky head.

Now the question that everyone has asked has been...
'But, is Brady okay?'

Yes. That little punk is just freakin fine.


Not even a bump on his head.
I hope you people believe me that their heads are like concrete.
Watch the fuck out!

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Ashley said...

LMAO too funny!!! But I hope the ringing and dizziness and nausea goes away soon!