Tuesday, March 18, 2008


What do the words bananas, the miz and sliders mean to you?
Well if you were a fanatic MTV challenge watcher such as myself they would mean the world to you!

I speak to you of the challenge: the Gauntlet III. It is ab fab.

Who else could still make trashy reality shows the talk of the water cooler but MTV. Since they no longer feel it necessary to show music videos on their cable station I guess they might as well make headlines in another way. And since Yo! MTV raps isnt on anymore, I think trashy reality is taking its place.

There is nothing better on television in the land that is reality tv than some Road Rules/Real World challenges.
Who can forget the 'fresh meat' challenge when they were paired up with a challenge vet?
Who can forget when CT hit Davis and went home on night 1?
Who can forget Casey and Johnny Bananas screwing in the closet and watching Casey hop out of the window naked?
Brooke becoming a lesbian, but we all know she'll go back to the cock.

Well, there are a million classic challenge moments. The Inferno's, the Gauntlet's, the Duel. Heaven on my cable box.

But I believe a good friend of mine will agree with me that we had a sad Gauntlet moment this season.

No. It was not when Coral turned into a big fucking pussy and quit.
No. It was not when the Bethasaurus went home.
And No. It was not when Danny was scared he couldnt buy Melinda the wedding and house of her dreams (Pssst. Psssssst. Melinda....get a job! Pay for your own shit!)

It was when our dear, sweet and extremely gorgeous Johnny Bananas was sent home. Sliders proved to be too much (fuck you Evan). We say a weekly prayer for our dear Johnny Bananas. We miss you. We want you back (tear)

Here's to you Bananas. You'll always be the challenge winner to us.

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Brittany said...

OMG I miss my sweet Johnny Bananas! It is for him that i carry on his namesake!

I love you Johnny!

-Mrs. Bananas