Friday, March 7, 2008

Dear U maintenance people

Yes. I understand that this week is spring break for the faculty and students. It is definately smart to turn down the heat when no one is in the buildings. Very smart indeed.

Did you forget that the staff is still currently working?
Well, in case you missed the memo...we are here.

It is hard for me to concentrate on work when the thermostat for the building is set at 60 degrees.
My hands are frozen.
My feet are like ice.
I am shivery in a thick sweatshirt.

I understand that once the precious faculty and students make their comeback to the U you will turn the heat back on. And that is extremely nice that you care so much for them but what did we ever do to you?

Unless this is a way for you to punish the 3rd floor for being rejects to society. Even so...I am not cold blooded and just may freeze.


Anonymous said...

That's because we are "non-essential" haha

Brittany said... need the little gloves with the fingers cut off, like Bob Crachet.