Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Floor 3: freaks of nature and weirdos

This week is spring break at the U...ah, just think of all of the drunken unprotected sex and alcohol induced stupidity that is at large in the state of Florida and around the Eastern costline!

It is a welcome change to have quiet in my temporary office. This floor of SP campus is where the U houses some of the professor's offices. I think that they had a list and stuck them on the 3rd floor and said 'Lets stick all of the weirdos in one place'. They did just that. Unfortunately for my department there was ample temporary office space on this floor. My department has offices on one side of the floor. Not me. I am on the other side. The weirdo professor side.

I have made a temporary friend with one such weirdo. His name is something so odd that I forgot it I will refer to him as Bob. Bob likes to point out that my office is a lovely shade of robins egg blue. I dont care, but Bob did invite me over to his office to check out the dark dark dark shade of blue that it is.
No, thank you Bob.

Bob likes to tell me what he is doing each night. He was skiing last weekend and into the first few days of spring break. No, Bob, I dont ski...bad knee. Then we get into the 10 minute conversation about how I cannot ski without the need of medical professionals and an orthopedic surgeon.

Yes, Bob, I have had 3 knee surgeries already.
Yes, Bob, all on the same knee.
No, Bob, I do not have a fake knee.
Yes, Bob, I am only 26.
Yes, Bob, I had my surgeries at 15, 16 and 21.
Yes, Bob, I figured that if I get them all out of the way while Im young I have a shot at walking with my own God given parts well into my 40's.
Yes, Bob, I guess I could try skiing and see how my knee feels, but I am having trouble walking up the three flights of stairs to my robins egg blue office without my knee giving me trouble.
Yes, Bob, I do know that skiing is great exercise.

And I pass Bob in the hallway at least 7 times a day so we have many chances for encounters such as this. To give Bob credit, he is a very nice person who speaks very highly of his wife and children. But it is just too much chit chat for me to fake. I have enough trouble staying on task and Bob doesnt help.

**crickets chirping**
**crickets chirping**

But come to think of it it is awfully quiet here on the 3rd floor and I am curious of how his ski weekend was and just what shade of blue his office actually is.

Dont worry, Bob'll be back on Monday.

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