Monday, March 10, 2008

Ill close my eyes and point to a spot on the map

I was raised to be an avid traveler. My parents had the travel bug and carted my brother and I around the world showing us how other people lived and the beautiful sights we couldnt see in Ohio.
I know, I know. I am not dogging Ohio at all but the greater Toledo area doesnt have many claims to fame or many breathtaking vistas. Hey, I choose to live here, I just choose to vacation somewhere else.

My brain starts to turn to mush if I dont get away for at least a week each year. And seeing as it has been almost a year and a half since I have been on a plane for pleasure my brain is almost too far gone.
I have traveled to places such as Hawaii, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Paris, Munich, Manchester, Toronto, Alaska, Victoria B.C., and many spots inside the borders of our fair country. But it is never enough. I want more. I want to see it all.

I have a list. An extensive list that I have compiled over the years of the many countries, states and cities I would like to see before I kick the bucket. It is almost overwhelming because I relize that I may have put too many 'must see' places on my list. But I will do it. I must see the places on my list. I must be able to bring my brain back from the storage drawer where I keep it when nothing exciting is going on. Just so I dont lose my dreams and my vision I always write myself a post it note of just where I left my brain and how I can find it again. I think the last one was blue.

Travel is a hot thing right now. With all of the discount sites (expedia, priceline and the rest) available cheap-ish flights, hotels and cruises are available to people in all walks of life. It doesnt hurt that since Georgie Boy is giving us all $600 this May we all have a little bit extra padding in the savings account to do something fun. I want to blow all of this money on traveling. I want to go sit on a beach for a week and do nothing but drink and sun myself. Even though I guarantee Ill come home with a hangover, Ill have a bitchin tan for all to envy.

I want to continue to be well traveled. I want to see a picture of the Amalfi Coast and know Ive been there. I want to have a corny shot of me holding up the leaning tower of Pizza. I want to spend a fall weekend in NYC and stroll around Central Park. I would also like to spend a Christmasy weekend in NYC ice skating in Rockefeller Center, smooching with someone I love as we window shop at hideously expensive stores. I want my family to experience the fantastic vacations I have had and for them to always want to explore somewhere new. I want someone to surprise me with a trip somewhere exotic for my 30th birthday (thank you Bunny Mendelbaum for this amazing idea!).

Ah...a girl can dream, can't she?
Thats all I have for now: a list and a dream.

Did anyone find a blue post it note around here?
I have $600 worth of vacation dreaming to focus on.

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