Thursday, March 6, 2008

be careful what you wish for

I was lazily yawning away my morning, tapping on the keys of my computer. When all of a sudden!


I turn my head and what do I see?
I see a face peering through the 6 inch crack in my open door.

Hello, Bob!

How was skiing Bob?
Rainy and wet? Couldnt ski? Oooo, too bad.

No, still can't ski Bob. The bad knee and all.
Thank you very much, Bob, for inviting me to Gaylord, MI to ski with you this month.
I think Ill pass.
You are too kind to invite me.
(please stop asking me to ski with you!)

So you went to D.C. instead of skiing?
Gas was $5.00 a gallon?
You are going to start riding a motorcycle again you say?
(instantly smirk at the thought of Bob on a bike)
I stifle my laughter and comment more on the crisis of the cost of oil and the weakness of the American dollar.

Bob.....Oh, Bob.
All of a sudden I remember why I didnt want to see the color of your office and why I didnt want to entertain you with simple stories of my life outside this robins egg blue room.

They did put you on the correct floor in SP though. My tip my hat to the U for their accuracy in office placement. Floor 3, surprisingly still vacancies.

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