Monday, March 3, 2008

Top Dog

I forgot to tell you all but saturday morning at 10 am my mom calls me crying that she is at the vet and is putting our family dog down. He has had hip/leg/kidney/thyroid problems for over 2 years now and we thought he was goign to be put down a hundred times before this weekend...but it was his time......Here is his eulogy.

His name was Kondor. He was a beautiful germany-line purebread german shepherd. He was about 15 years old which is extremely old for a big dog like him. Their average lifespan is 10-12 years so he was a lucky puppy.

He was huge for a shepherd, which is common for the germany-line of breeding.He was brilliant, not so much a vicious dog. He was very loving, always gave good kisses and didnt mind big hugs when you were crying.

He liked to bark at us while we were on the diving board of the swimming pool. He layed down to eat his food, ate his food one kernal of food at a time (this was hilarious by the way) and never minded if anyone messed with his food or even laid on him while he was eating. He did like to run away if the garage door was left open...we always found him in the same neighborhood (they had hot girl dogs there) and the dog warden got to know him so well one summer he knew where he lived.

His favorite toy ever was planting buckets.....know when you buy a new shrub and it comes in the plastic temporary container? Yup, those. They were his fav's. You just had to mention the word bucket and he was going crazy for it.

He made a new friend late in life. Last year my moms boyfriend brought his Golden Retreiver, Muffy, up from FL to play with Kondor. They got along in the best way, and it taught Kondor about sharing. He didnt like it.

I have been so extremely sad about losing him. He was my family. He was my puppy. He was my boy. And when I patted my hands on my chest, he would jump up to kiss me. He didnt do that for anyone else. He knew that he could always work me for extra treats as I was headed out the door and he knew that I would always give him 40 ice cubes as a treat b/c he loved them

This doesnt do his loyalty and love for my family justice at all. But a good friend of mine was put down on saturday...and he will be greatly missed.

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Brittany said...

Again, I am SO sorry sweetie!